MEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory CouncilMEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory Council

MEDAC - Mediterranean Advisory Council

Dictámenes y cartas



Dictámenes y cartas


MEDAC list papers & researchers of RF

MEDAC list iconic species RF

MEDAC reply to DG MARE letter place of SSF in Advisory Councils

DG MARE letter- Place of Small-Scale Fisheries in Advisory Councils

MEDAC welcome letter to the EU Commissioner-designate Environment and Oceans

DG MARE reply to MEDAC letter on new TM Reg.-recreational fishing

MEDAC reply to DG MARE letter new TM Reg.- recreational fishing

DG MARE Letters to Adriatica, PescaMed,SudEstMed Groups- New TM Reg.- recreational fishing

DG MARE reply to MEDAC contribution socioeconomic indicators on draft MAP for demersal species in Adriatic

DG MARE reply to MEDAC working document MAP for demersal species in Adriatic

MEDAC working document MAP demersal species in Adriatic Sea

DG MARE reply to MEDAC letters on socioeco indicators, on MAP on demersal resources in the Adria. Sea and on FRAs in the Adriatic & Ligurian Seas

MEDAC contribution on socioeconomic indicators- draft MAP demersal species Adriatic Sea

MEDAC letter on socioeconomic indicators

MEDAC letter on MAP demersal resources in the Adriatic Sea

MEDAC opinion FRA proposal- Bari Canyon (Adriatic Sea)

MEDAC opinion FRA proposal- Maledetti Shoal (Tyrrhenian Sea)

MEDAC contribution- MedFish4Ever Questionnaire

MEDAC contribution and graphs- RPOA on SSF

Carta del Ministerio italiano para colaborar sobre las propuestas de FRA en el Adriático

Carta del Ministerio italiano colaboración sobre la propuesta de FRA Mar Tirreno

MEDAC reply to SudEstMed letter on LO

Letter by SUDESTMED Chair to MEDAC

MEDAC opinion on discard management plan chamelea gallina (IT)

MEDAC contribution on some elements RPOA on SSF

Ratification of the C188 ILO Convention

DG MARE reply to MEDAC opinion on the Revision of Control Regulation

Carta del Ministerio de Italia sobre el plan de gestión de residuos de moluscos bivalvos



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